4 Ways to Hire a Mobile App Developer

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4 Ways to Hire a Mobile App Developer

I understand that there are many mobile app developers out there that can build a beautiful-looking application in no time. But is it beautiful enough? Should you more concern about the functionality and usability of the app so it can attract more users and generate bigger revenue?

To build not only a pretty-looking app but also highly functional and reliable, you’ll need a competent developer that works their best to alter your imagination into reality. In many cases, people are desperate when the app turns out to be a failure simply because they don’t know exactly who’s been working with them.

If you want to build your very first app, working with a freelancer may give you quite flexibility and cheaper session, but it’s the quality that should concern you the most. Whether you decide to work with a freelancer, small studio, offshore developer, or a big agency, here are the four most important thing to consider:

1. Analyze Their Background

On the first list of ways to hire a mobile app developer is by having a background check. This stage can include checking their portfolio, who are their previous clients, how well they execute the orders in the past, and so on. Are they result-oriented, are they reliable enough or are they responsive enough to work with you?

A qualified developer should be able to provide you with wide range list of projects they’ve been done previously. Don’t hesitate to ask for links that will redirect you to the app so you can see it with your own eyes. There is a 60% chance that your app will have similar “look” to the developer’s previous projects, so you don’t want to mess up by hiring the wrong developer.

Another thing to ask is a list of clients they’ve been working with for the past few months. See if there is any major publisher that utilizing their service, what type of application they’re working on and how long does it take to finish the app finally. Since there is no way to tell who actually made the app, speaking to the former clients may give you a clue. See if there is any website of the developer, any customers review regarding their service or not. If there is, try to contact the mutual connection between you too and see if what the developer says is right.

2. Excellent Mobile App Developer Skill

An excellent skill is necessary if you wish to create flawlessly looking and responsive app to attract more users.

A unique set of skill that can tackle any challenge and project is greatly valuable. Look for an app developer that have expertise in the certain platform you’re about to use. For example, knowledge about Objective –C, Swift, and Xcode is essential to building an iOS application, while developing an Android app requires knowledge of Java, Eclipse, or Android Studio.

Developing a mobile app is different from developing an app for any device. Hiring a developer that specializes in mobile app skill will be beneficial because they’ll know how to make it as interactive as possible. Unlike a computer app, for example, users tend to have more access to their mobile phone, so expert skill at mobile app is exemplary.

Ask team about what kind of smartphone do they use, whether it’s Android, iDevices, or Blackberry, if they tell you they can develop an iOS app, they should be using it on their smartphone. At least to try and test the app.

If you wish to generate profit from the mobile app, the developer should have capable of building a feature that allows such dream to happen. You should decide on which method that will suit the best, whether through in-app purchase, subscription, or via ads.

As a client, you need to think of the total package instead of focusing on one aspect only – let’s say, coding. Developing a reliable and functional app is more than just about coding. Instead, you need to think more about how to improve the user experience. However, don’t forget that an app’s look is as important as its functionality. The users will likely to abandon an app that’s ugly-looking, so you had bettermake sure it appears enchanting.

To achieve a full-service, it’s important to choose a team that can deliver various services from designing, testing, and marketing the app.For a better deal, see if your hired developer can provide extra special features such as social media sharing, 3D gaming, GPS, or other useful features.

3. Working Together as A Team

Hiring a professional developer is essential to give you a complete assistance from designing to launching the app. See if the team has their specialty and take care of different responsibility together.

Before deciding on a certain developer, see if they can be contacted daily. How many times will you get the chance to meet each other and discuss the project? If they cannot make a promise for a regular meeting, maybe you need to check other possibilities.

Working well with the developer from approving the beta-tested version is important to take you to the next level. The next step will be submitting for approval in an app store. This one is a multi and long process so the developer should be familiar with the steps to successfully enter the market.

4. Pricing and Payment Terms

The price of an app depends on its complexity. The simpler the design, the higher the price. Same goes for additional features. If you require for an app with complete features, the price can escalate quickly.

In addition to payment terms, make sure you have a written agreement specifying the payment method; whether you want to pay them hourly or with a flat fee, etc. Talk to them and decide on which term suits both of you the best.

On average, building a full v.01 app takes 4-6 months. Hiring a professional developer is essential to help you channel your vision into a reality that can give the users new exciting experience. Look for a developer with a superb skill that has flexible working time with you and the one who offers the best deal to create an excellent app.

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