How Much Does an App Cost: A Complete Review of Pricing and Other Budget

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How Much Does an App Cost: A Complete Review of Pricing and Other Budget

It’s legit! A mobile app is part of our everyday life; from a chat platform to online grocery shops to financial assistance, it is safe to say that mobile apps industry is dominating today’s and future’s market. But how much does an app cost? The answer to this question varies, depending on what type of app or how entertaining you want it to be.

A successful and longstanding app developers like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, have been going through some hard work to make it attractive and responsive to the users. Based on the question alone, here are some factors to be taken into consideration as your budget platform basis before developing an app:

✓ How many features, how complex will it be, and what platform will you use?

✓ You’ll need some extra bucks to develop apps with back-end servers.

✓ Costs are varied, as simpler apps will cost around US$ 25.000, while more complex ones are expected to cost more than US$ 1.000.000.

✓ What agency will you choose? A high-end agency will charge greater bills.

✓ Consider the cost of any updates, advertising, your salary, and further expenditure.

Pricing App Development – Key Factors

Can I develop my very first app? The answer is, yes you can. Although in many cases, most ventures end up in the hands of a freelancer, offshore development team, or a medium company like Isocorp because somewhat, they discover that the premises they’ve made is relatively empty or figure out some pitfalls with their current system.

A successful app requires a good team to start with, so you’ll need a designer, an account manager, and a product manager who will take a different role in smoothing the application. It doesn’t matter whether you are engaging with a freelancer or a big agency, types of application are what define how much cost you’ll need. An API-integrated app or an app that requiresa back-end server cost much more expensive than a simpler one.

The important thing to remember is your target market or the users that will be using the apps; whether you want to be a heavily app-focused venture.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Average Application for Startups? The minimum number to answer this question is US$ 150.000 regardless the type of shop that you hire. Some customers with a more extensive requirement for their desired apps probably need to spend extra few bucks.

For example, to go through the details for your app’s functionality layout, you’ll need to invest a lot of money – and time that will translate the idea from the designer to civilians’ language. It may look simple, but you’ll be amazed at how many steps, time, and scenarios needed to create the simplest app with high responsiveness.

If you are going for a social media play, a minimum viable product (MVP) with context dependent principle and assumption about how the users can share the content, a budget of US$ 90.000 – US$ 150.000 is enough. However, if you are into e-commerce market, integrating your app with payment service, database, email marketing system, and advanced backup system, the cost can intensify vastly.

Generally speaking, a startup can spend about US$ 750.000 to US$ 1.500.000 for an 18-month operation, depending on the type of app. Choose whichever prototype you desire, take it to the next level, polish it up and spread it to the worldwide customers. That number is broken down into a development team of four, legal, accounting, and comparable fees. With 4 to 6-month building timeline, remember that it is only for a v.01 app.

Developing an App with Freelancer, Small Agencies, or the “Big Guys.” On this matter, let’s take a deeper mind to assess each category. First, working with a freelancer may result in a decreased cost, but it increases risk. We’re talking about work ethics and habits, lack of consistent availability, and miscommunication. Think of building an app from scratch, where you’ll need to put time, power, and money so that the final product will resemble its original footprint. Unless you want to experiment with many different backgrounds, don’t waste your time on amateur.

Secondly, you’re hiring an agency because you know that they’ll execute well. A core competency in programming and designing is an asset in developing a new app. Ask for a specific team member that will work together on the project by evaluating their previous project and communication skill. The average budget to spend on small to medium agency is about US$150.000 to US$ 450.000.

Finally, here come your “savior” that will make your version 1 app looks as flawlessly as possible. The “Big Guys” can develop your app off-shore and an invigorating prospect that worth your budget. Let’s say for a v.01 typical app, and you’ll need to spend about US$ 150.000 – that number was built in 2014. If you are hiring one of those big companies like Fueled, Apptology, Creative 27 and others, the cost is likely anywhere around US$ 500.000 to US$ 1.000.000.

How Much a Less Complex App Costs? Truly, the factors affecting prices of developing an app are not merely about who develop it, but also how you want it to be developed. See, even apps without any API integration is pretty complex and challenging, but it comes down to the complexity and specific features that will influence the cost.

Whether you want a simple table bases app, a database app, or games, adding API integration will still charge you five figures. Even for a simplest-looking app from a qualified developer still cost you US$ 25.000 at the least.

Why Android Apps Cost More to Develop?

A little suggestion for a startup, it’s better to build with iOS platform first then move to Android later. It’s not a secret that Android apps are harder to be built, particularly from the design point of view. The timing is also different, in which the Android apps take three times longer time to build and that costs you not only more money but also energy and time.

Finally, my word is that app development is a matter of trial and error. The key to your success is a strong motivation. Take your dream to a professional developer who can alter your vision into a life-changing reality for the users.

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