5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Engagement with Mobile Apps

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5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Engagement with Mobile Apps

Somehow, it’s quite tough to motivate consumers to download the mobile app you have created. Meanwhile, it’s so easy for them to uninstall your app. Research by Flurry shows that a quarter of 100 internet users get their downloaded app on their mobile device only once. The rest of people tend to leave the app three months later. The shocking fact indicates that today’s society is easily unengaged with the mobile apps due to its unattractiveness.

If you considerably think to empower your mobile app for marketing mix, it’s so essential to build a strong commitment to making it true. It seems uneasy to engage the users as most of them straightforwardly forget your app and find the others. However, there is nothing to concern about since there are some tactical ways to tackle the problem.

Here are 5 ways to increase revenue and engagement with mobile apps you can deliberately follow:

1. Set up the Customer Trust

The first thing that should be underlined is the reason why new mobile users get attracted to your app. Besides, they should be aware how significant the existence of your app is. To deal with the common matter, try to apply an informative splash page to get your potential customers impressed. The page is an additional screen which appears when the user opens your mobile app for the first time. It introduces the main features of your app and is a useful platform to demonstrate the significance of the app.

Another recommendation is to encourage the new users to make an account on your app. Based on an analysis by Kahuna cohort, users who have signed in an account tend to stay engaged and have more loyalty value. The account has some benefits such as showing a process of checkout and leading the users to have more purchase. Apply push or in-app messaging so that they are motivated to register. In addition to that, don’t forget to notify them with the benefits of registering.

2. Show Your Value for Persuasive Purpose

To get the users engaged with your mobile app, make sure that you send marketing messages which are related enough, convincing, and worth to read. You need to provide a fascinating array of good values for your users and keep encouraging them to use your app. The main aim of this step is to find particular users who are intensely curious about your app (segmenting audience) and to fit in personalization.This one is actually the basic strategy to influence people by telling the unusual features of your app.

It’s absolutely true that generic push notifications can only be described as the junk mail. However, there are so many potential users out there. They probably don’t care, but your effort likely results in a great success in the near future. In the process of segmenting the audience, you can apply the demographics of a particular area with the locals’ behavior. For example, send the push notification to males who are between the ages of 20 and 30, and live in London.

3. Encourage the Users to Purchase

If the users are already engaged with your app, now is time to make money. You have to be able to persuade them to make a purchase. In fact, based on a research conducted by Mobile Marketing Watch, the mobile has played an important role to influence people to decide to purchase.

On that note, it is essential to build a specific strategy by using robust cart abandonment. It allows the customers to add some items to their chart through the desktop, web or your app. Don’t forget to modify your marketing message for your users and try out different push message copy.

4. Ask Your Loyal Customers to Influence Other People

Getting loyal customers will impact on your app business growth. To let it grow bigger and faster, you can take advantage of your customers. You can motivate them to make a testimony about your product and share it on the social media. It’s such a stepping stone to shift your loyal customers to be brand advocates. From there, creating a network to promote your brand is a must. It’s quite challenging. Yet, if you have more people to convince other people, it would be great and beneficial for you. You don’t need to spend on your advertising expense.

Make sure that your best consumers get a push notification about rewards and special promotion if they successfully tell their friends and family about your brand. This type of campaign is so useful that you possibly get more customers in the future. Meanwhile, you can use in-app messages to make intense interaction with your customers when they have already been in love with your product. But, use the app in a wise way and keep prioritizing them since they are your diamond.

5. Retain Your Users by Getting the Right Rhythm

When you are about to go on engaging your customers, you need to avoid over-messaging. It’s absolutely recommended to send push message as long as it’s required. Yet, you have to know the right rhythm and balance your time with the customers. If they abundantly get those messages, it will surely annoy them. It will in turn leads to inefficiency and abuses the push strategy. Finally, your loyal customers would love to uninstall your app. You don’t want this matter occurs on you, do you?

Key Success to Be Considered

In conclusion, you have to ensure that your mobile app can engage more people with some unique features. Making the customers apply your app frequently and be the most loyal users is the point to attain. As we know, today’s people especially the mobile purchasers are totally smart and incredibly picky. Therefore, you should get the right tactical strategy in order to win their adherence. Having good interactions with the customers, giving some rewards to the top consumers, doing right marketing are the keys to getting your goal achieved.

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