7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Never get wrong that mobile apps are only addressed to the big companies such as Walmart and Bank of America. The digital ages require high mobility where the recent technology application can be accessed by anyone across the globe. The smaller businesses apparently follow the digital trend. The use of the recent mobile app is a tactical strategy to expand the business instead of focusing on the mobile-friendly website. Business and mobile app are two things which are inseparable in today’s world.

It’s surprising that a lot of small businesses have turned their traditional website into a modern mobile app. It’s a limitless reach—the owners of a coffee shop to the farmers living in the countryside are so familiar with the app. It’s such a right platform to go ahead to the next level that people are avid in using that.

But have you already shifted your business into the mobile app basis? If your answer is no, you certainly need to read these 7 reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

1. Your Business Can Be Seen All the Time

Flurry Analytics with its trusted statistic shows that Americans can’t live without smartphone or tablet. It turns out that the average of people always spends their time, at least more than two hours, on iOS and Android Connected devices. 86% of correspondents is the active mobile app users. 32% spends on gaming while the rest spends on social media app. If you understand that fact, you should take advantage of it to grab more potential customers.

When your customers have already downloaded your app, you have a chance to showcase the things you offer for them. You can change the image, the content, and your offers, and they will always get notified.

With such strategy, your customers will always notice on your business. But make sure that your ads is attractive and provides some rewards for your loyal customers.

2. Creating a Direct Channel on Marketing

The greatest thing about having a mobile app is you can create a useful content where your customers can see the general information. It could be a newsfeed, your products’ cost, accounts for internet users, guides to operate the app, form, payment, messengers, and many others. In other words, the customers can gain the advantages through their fingertips.

Other information such as promotions and special sales can really boost your customers’ interest. When you are about to update your feature, your loyal customers will get notified. That’s the way to remind them about the information on the services and products you are going to launch.

It is also a nice idea to ask for a feedback since you can communicate with them right away.

3. Rewarding Your Loyal Customers

As a trusted business which always prioritizes your customers’ need, you should make a breakthrough by making a loyalty program. It’s functioned as a new feature to reward your loyal customers. In the past, they used punch cards which seem ineffective and time wasting. Now, the punch card is downloadable through the mobile devices. If they purchase several items, they can collect some rewards via the mobile app.

4. Developing Your Brand for a Recognition

Having a mobile app really benefits you to get your brand recognized across your country even the world. To create a popular brand is not like a piece of cake as you need to get a deeper concept to introduce your products. There are two things to consider. The first is how you will bring your brand and the second is the recognition.

Speaking of the brand, you have to know that the mobile is actually a blank platform for advertising. Just like a blank page, you can do anything you want with that. Yet, make sure that your content is something unusual, informative, chic, practical, and trendy. The main point is you need to get your brand loved by your customers with the captivating features.

When your customers are the active internet users, they will always be aware of app’s notifications, including those notifications from your app. Soon they will often use your service, and purchase your product in a long term. In another word, it’s called “effective frequency”.

Your customers who have already trusted your product may tell the good value to other people. As long as you maintain the brand quality, your recognition will be more expansive.

5. Appointment with the Customers is More Efficient

Regardless of your type of business, your clients must find a way to reach you. A feature like messaging system or help desk is really helpful when it comes to dealing with customers’ interaction. Have you ever heard an app named Open Table? It allows the customers book an eating space with just a few clicks through that app instead of making a call to a restaurant. Today’s societies tend to use text than phone calling.

6. Winning Business Competition

If you are keen on the prospect of having a mobile app, your business will be the star among other business starters on today’s tough competition. You have to be the pioneer in your area where you live to attract people around you to begin using a mobile app base. Your approach will be successful because you offer something modern, different, and trendy whereas other people still don’t know how to expand their business.

7. A Platform to Build Customer Loyalty

The last thing to pinpoint why your business indeed needs a mobile app is for customer loyalty. As we know, advertisements such as roadside banners, flyers, social media ads, billboard, banners on a website and other promotion seem diminishing people’s enthusiasm. Thus, the mobile app is a right platform to create genuine interaction with your customers so that they will always be loyal on your product. The customer’s loyalty is the key factor in your business success. In addition to that, keep giving good services and make an innovation.

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